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Warren, Michigan 48088


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Warren faces many challenges, our taxable property values have fallen 27% since 2007. Expenditures in the same period have skyrocketed 24%! This is an unsustainable trend. We need leadership to improve our city's standing in the state, rein in unnecessary spending and move Warren forward. By strengthening our cities image, prioritize our spending into our communities, we will be able to solve many of our cities problems.


While many of our main roads are controlled by county or state budgets, too little is being spent in our neighborhoods. Cracked roads and flooding are making our neighborhoods unattractive. Warren needs to invest more in local neighborhoods--this will not only improve the attractiveness of the community but make homes more valuable.



Warren has some lovely parks and others that are tired and worn down. Making all the local parks attractive and maintained will allow neighborhoods to be more walk able. In addition, we need to make an effort to add more trees to our community. Due to disease and lack of replanting, we have lost valuable tree canopy. Rebuilding our tree canopy will not only improve our communities look, but trees also clean the air and reduce pollutants which can lead to asthma and other health issues. The city should take a leading role in a broader effort to re-green southern Macomb County   

Warren also needs more pet friendly parks where people can safely play with their well behaved pups!


Warren is home to some of the largest employers in the state. We need an administration to be a respectable representative to our major stakeholders, one who understands businesses concerns. As a member of city council, I would work to bring more businesses to Warren and diversify the economic base.

We need to examine every tax incentive the city considers to ensure that it will benefit the citizens, not just the corporations and that it also encourage diverse small businesses. Small Businesses are the engines of our economy!

As a financial planner for thirty years, I know how hard people work for their money. I know they want their tax dollars to be used wisely. People want to live in a city where they can drive safely on a road, and raise their children in safe communities with excellent schools. I am committed to representing Warren with integrity.