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Why I Am Running

When I moved to Warren a few years ago, I did so because I loved the solidly built mid-century homes, the diversity, and the proximity to the big city without having to live in the big city. My husband is an associate dean of Math and Science at Macomb Community College, and we thought it would be great to live near his work after years of us living close to my business in Rochester.

But as we settled into our new community, I was shocked as I began to learn more about our city leadership. A mayor who says terrible things about people including special needs children*, a council president who has been censured by the Attorney General of Michigan for engaging in practices that took advantage of the probate process.** This is who represents the third largest city in Michigan?!

My whole life, I have fought for to improve the communities I have lived in. From being the Treasurer of Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, an organization helping 26,000 girls build confidence and courage, to helping Public Television, local hospitals, and clinics raise the resources to sustain their missions. I am not someone who shies away from a leadership challenge.

As I considered running for city council, I looked into the finances of the city. Did you know that since Mayor Fouts was elected Mayor our taxable home values have fallen 27%? And our expenditures have soared 24%? Our government employees' pensions funds are woefully underfunded and our neighborhood roads are crumbling. We have to act quickly or we will fall further behind.

The master plan is currently under review, and town hall meetings and surveys have been circulated. The results are troubling. Here is a word picture of the words the Town Hall Participants used to describe Warren.

We need fresh leadership that will work with the state and federal agencies to ensure we are getting our fair share of road monies, grants for infrastructure, and jobs. City council and the Mayor's office need to work together to attract new businesses to our community while ensuring that our largest employers remain a part of our community.